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Posted on: 2012-09-18

The Insurance and legal sectors are hungry for quality evidence to support any claim or legal dispute. Indeed, in case of accidents, damages, copyright issues, malfunctions or design flaws, it is necessary to get effective, accurate and tangible proofs. This will results in higher probability of success for your cases.


To simplify the proof collection process, professionals can use specialized mobile applications. Quality evidences are created in the form of pictures, stamped with the date, time and place of happening. Those Pictures are then transferred immediately to the recipient.

Collect evidence when you need it

Collect evidence when you need it

Such mobile applications are increasing being used. On one hand, customers can add relevant proofs to support their claim or simply take note of events on the spots. Several suits have been gained thanks to such mobile application as plaintiff could deliver visual evidence of their claims. On the other hand, professionals can spot, save and securely transfer evidence about fraud, copyrights infringements problems, malfunctions…


Thus, the use of a mobile application is an effective way to collect evidence on the spot and increase your chances of success in courts.

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