Transform your tablet into a full featured Kiosk with Datafield Loop Mode

Posted on: 2016-04-04

The Datafield mobile application is your favorite companion to collect onsite data, whether it is about customer satisfaction or the current level of inventories within your warehouse. From now on, Datafield is powered with the “loop feature”. What is that ? Whenever you complete a form or survey, it automatically reboot to the first question of the same question. Hence, you can use your tablet as a KIOSK within your facility.

Datafield Kiosk mode

Using Datafield loop mode to use tablet as a kiosk to collect onsite data



What’s the Kiosk mode for ?


Plenty actually. We know a lot of our users have already plugged Datafield into their showroom, their shop or their facilities. From now on, you can keep your form open and be sure that each single new visitors will be directed to a fresh brand new survey ready to be filled out !

This is especially great to perform on-the-spot customer feedback. Or self-made census. Or whatever data collection activities that cross your mind. Of course, we have now seen large facilities such as Train station or airport implementing tablet as kiosk to increase control, transparency and accountability over their operations.


How does the loop feature work ?


Whenever you access one of your form on Datafield mobile application for iOS or Android, simply hit the menu button and enable the loop mode. That’s it. Your form will start again at question 1 whenever it is complete !

For all of you feeling that getting the right feedback is the road to success, read also : How to install an iPad Kiosk Successfully. The loop mode is designed to work on tablet (iOS model such iPad, iPad mini, iPad Pro or Android model such as Samsung Tab or Lenovo Yoga for instance) but will work just fine on mobile as well.

Go get the application and send us picture of your kiosk in action !

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