Improving Construction site management

Posted on: 2012-08-07

In the construction sector, project management quality and ability to respect deadline are keys to success. The progress must be observedoptimized and communicated as soon as possiblebetween the various participants and stakeholders of the project.

Correctives action must be taken immediately and an excellent control of operations is necessary.

A quality mobile application can significantly improve the overall project management on site. It allows you to take original digital pictures with exact date, time and GPS location, thus acting legallyas evidence of the project’s progress as well as compliance indicators. Then, these pictures can be shared immediately to the various partners and get an instant report informing of possible delays or defects in construction.

Alsosome applications allow the consultation, capture and editingof map data on a construction site and a real interaction between different contractors of the project and the establishment of anefficient and accurate accountability systemThis is also a good way to empower your field workers and subcontractors.

 Finallysolutions can set up predefined agendas, manage daily inspections and check for proper display of building permits.

Construction companies using such solution have seen a real Return on Investment. Direct benefits can be calculated in terms of time, costquality, efficiency and control in a sector as dynamic and demanding as the construction.

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