How to use an API ? Datafield mobile API helps you auto – feed your CRM, ERP or ESP with emails, on-site figures and more.

Posted on: 2013-02-19

Build email database rapidly. Collect inventory or sales figures. Auto-sync with your existing software. 

Wikipedia is defining an Application Programming Interface (API) as a protocol intended to be used as an interface by software components to communicate with each other. Behind those 3 letters, lies a powerful way to automatize processes and  make it easy to share and synchronize Data between different Information System. 

Let’s take a closer at Datafield API and see how it can help you save time and gain more control on your current operations. The API are working 2 ways :

  • Automatically feed your Database with email / data / information collected on site with Datafield mobile application.
  • Automatically send forms and survey to your existing Contact list

Let’s review each scenario and provide usefull business practices.


You are probably currently using a set of software to run your businesses. Most popular among our customers are: 

Customer Relationship Management: SALESFORCES or ZOHO 

Enterprise Resources Planning : SAP, ORACLE or NETSUITE

Project Management Software: BASECAMP


All these tools are working well and sometimes even have their own mobile application. However, the only way to add some information to each of these software is to login, go to the correct field and manually input the data. Whenever you are at your desk, that’s probably fine. 

But what if you need to:

  • input a new prospect email with your existing Email Service Provider, while you are at your booth in a tradeshow
  • Add your customer email and contact information inside your Salesforce customers list, while they visit your shop  
  • Give the possibility for your followers to subscribe to your newsletter, while you are doing an onsite promotional event 

No one want to showcase a paper based form to be filled, then input the data manually. 

Then comes Datafield and it’s set of API.

One popular use of Datafield is about capturing email on the spot.  For instance, we have been working with a Chain of Coffee shops who had difficulties identifying and reward their customers. Whatever good was their marketing automation system, it was worthless without proper customer data. They decided to display a tablet at each of their counters. For each email filled, they would give away a free coffee. Outcome ? More than 75% of customers decided to fill up their (real) email. There’s no better way to build a sound newsletter mailing list.  

Sweet, isn’t it ?

Then comes Datafield API. all these customers email are automatically sync and transfered to your favorite Email Service Provider, be it Constant Contact or MailChimp. Your mailing list are up to date, with no effort. 

Another interesting example in the FMCG indutry. Our customer, a global cosmetic company wanted to have a better control of what was happening within their distribution network. They decided to use Datafield in order to collect inventory and sales figures and collect additional key data for their 50 products. Thanks to Datafield API, those information are instantly and automatically fed inside their ERP (SAP) and all product manager stay up to date with latest product information. 

Here’s the equation: 




As we all know, starting using a new sofware or mobile application can be painful. With Datafield API, we ease the process of inviting mobile respondents to reply your form. In case you know who you want to invite to fill out your mobile form, and this list is already somewhere. This could be a contact list on an excel spreadsheet or your customer database on your CRM or your suppliers contact info on your ERP.

To simplify your life, Datafield API will connect to that «somewhere» and let you invite easily all your contact to take part in your Datafield mobile application.  

API are helping integrate our world. Starting on the web, then spreading to mobile. next step is with the Internet of things. More about API is available here:

Send an email to in order get full access to Datafield API. 


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