Optimization and control in the retail / distribution sectors

Posted on: 2012-08-28

In the retail sector, it is important to monitor, maintain and control your outlets. In order to meet the performance requirements and objectives of professionals retailers, some effective mobile applications exists.

Key benefits to using a mobile application dedicated to retailers includes:

– Better control of the product (appearance on the shelves, positioning…) while allowing quick corrective action.

– Tracking of vital information such as shops and products pictures, geographic locations but also sales figures or inventory. You can also, with a single scan, analyze the availability of your products in stock; see missing products, reasons for stock shortage, date of the next delivery and quantities delivered. All these information can be presented with a functional and intuitive dashboard.



You’ll also be able to map your distribution channels, adjust your promotional campaigns and carrying out actions of mystery shopping accurate and can eventually lead to creating a community of shoppers quickly, in addition the mobile device is a very popular means of communication. The improvement in terms of mystery shopping is a great way to promote benchmarking stores to help to improve service levels and performance in the place of distribution.

The advantage of mobile applications is that it allows rapid and accurate vision of the realities on the ground and an instant transfer of information. This can be very interesting to measure performance on a daily basis and align with strategic objectives.

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