Technology for Marketing and Creativity: Check and optimize your promotional campaigns and street marketing activities.

Posted on: 2012-08-18

The marketing and advertising industries need to monitor closely the success of promotional activities and check their implementation in real time.


Some existing mobile applications provide the right technology for such a demanding industry as marketing, communication and advertisements. One interesting use of those mobile applications is to give customers some visual evidence, showing that operations they pay for were carried out in accordance with their requests.


Your team relay instantly the status and compliance of the promotional campaign so that you can take immediate corrective actions if necessary. Also you can track and map your advertising campaigns and street marketing agents in real time.

The use of a mobile application will also allow you to check that the campaign was carried out in the right places at the right time with the correct number of field agents. You can also verify that displays shelves are well managed (pictures), that billboards broadcast the campaign planned, in periods and with the desired quality. So you get much better control of your promotions and can demonstrate higher accountability.


Using mobile application help you better manage and control your promotional campaigns, thus enhancing your reputation and your credibility to your customer.


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