The Power of Mobile Forms and Survey (versus web)

Posted on: 2012-08-22

Mobile applications are indeed changing the way we do business and can significantly improve productivity. Going Mobile adds a set of features which go way beyond simple web survey tools.



The Market research sector is poised to be transformed by the use of tablet and smartphone. Indeed, a survey can be relatively complicated and long to achieve. Companies need to use appropriate tools for collecting data, make representative sample and panel, and administrate questionnaires. Using a mobile application simplifies the entire process.

Applications permit to create surveys that respondents will receive directly on their Smartphone, results and scores are collected immediately.  Data are exchanged in real time.

This method is increasingly used by companies to gather information about potential customers. A good investigation is a quickly, accurately and reliably mean to collect information on a large scale.

This type of survey provides more precise answers because there is a real link between actors and a real flow, unlike traditional methods. Applications provide a clear service (image, text and other features) with instant results and smart graphics. The survey device is a guarantee of quality and reliability: when you send a survey to your target market, you must ensure that it is perfectly constructed. The questionnaire design is intuitive and easy to control. There is a closer and a real ease of use, accompanied by a design adapted to the customer. Thus these mobile surveys are an innovative, quickly and efficiently mean to collect data and opinions from respondents expected and improve communication.



The main objective for companies is to improve their market share with an active campaign. A survey allows  to keep abreast of changing market needs. In addition, it establishes a closer relationship with the market and stay in constant contact with customers, monitor real-time needs, beliefs and expectations. We must therefore consider the added value that these applications provide in terms of profitability, efficiency, cost, time, satisfaction, and perspectives.



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