Trade show and email collection ? Reducing the pain…

Posted on: 2012-09-05

How to dramatically improve the interactivity and the attractiveness of your conferences and training?

Meetings such as conferences or training necessarily require interactivity between participants. It is important to establish a dialogue with his audience.

With some mobile applications you now have the opportunity to improve this interaction with your audience in a simple and effective way.

Thus, when you are speaking in public, you will be able to interact with participants by administering quizzes Live, organizing surveys and by give to your visitors a tablet they will be able to fill. This is a great way to increase your customer database.

Thus the use of a mobile application lets you easily establish a dialogue with your audience and collect their feedback. Using a mobile application allows you to work with simple and effective tools.

Mobile applications can also give you the opportunity to make vote resolutions during your meetings by an electronically instant and secure vote. Thus you realize a substantial gain in time and a greater awareness of the results given by the voters.

Using a mobile application in your meetings can dramatically improve your way of action. You can create real interactivity with your audience by using modern and adapted tools.

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