What’s up with Da Toilet ? On how to reach customer happiness.

Posted on: 2012-12-07

I recently had the chance to fly to Singapore and I was the witness of a great story on how tablets can help in getting your customers happier. 

When it comes to measuring and delivering customer satisfaction, there’s no better place to learn than the city of Singapore. Backed by billions in dollars (singapore or US, as you like, still billions…), the government is really dedicated to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Singapore’s bet is that talents, ideas,money and goods will first transit by Singapore before reaching it’s messy neighboring countries. Of course, tax preferences are a strong incentive. But, for non-locals who happen to visit and work in South East Asia, Singapore is seen as a safe heaven.

A lot is at stake here. Year after year, Singapore needs to reach the Top of global charts with regards to quality of life. And it all starts by measuring it. As I was running out of the bus, a young pollster wanted me to comment on my commuting. Not much to say there, but always feels good to be double checked. I felt secure that in the case something went wrong, someone would have been here to record and take action. Surprisingly, the pollster was using pen and paper to conduct the research.. Com’ on Sinpagore ! I know you can do better.

When is it too much ? I’m personally seldomly bored to give my opinion. And when i am, i simply decline. Indeed, no business has even lost a single customer for asking feedback. The picture below has been taken inside the Changi Airport. All toilets inside the airport are equipped with this simple, one screen question: “Please rate our Toilet”, together with 5 smileys and the picture of the guy in charge. That’s fast and simple. One tap and you raised your opinion.


But this simple process is very powerful :

– I feel i’m directly speaking to the Changi Airport General manager (and that’s cool)

– The cleaner guy in charge is held accountable for his job. It’s very very easy to complain, but also very easy to show your appreciation (and that’s cool too)

– whathever your experience was in those toilets. You feel better after you expressed yourself (and that’s cool as well !)

By comparison, here is what you will find in most toilet. Although there’s a lot of data here (who did what, when + a phone number to complaint), I let you bet about which toilet were cleaner between this on and the Changi Airport on. 


Changi airport Singapore consistently ranks top of global airport charts. Now, the beauty of modern days is that you do not need Changi budget to propose such services to your customers. A mobile app such as Datafield together with its back-end let you collect customers feedback (and more) at the exact moment you are interacting with them: enjoying your facility, buying at your shop, delivering at their home, using your services…

Then when you start measuring happiness, you already start improving it !

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