Automate paper based survey and kill data entry mistakes with Datafield

Use smartphone and tablet to administer surveys or get self completed surveys

Go paperless and get instant results with smart graphics

Collect customer feedback in shop, in waiting room, in queue, transportation, or any other idle time

Advanced conditional branching and logic to fit complex surveys

Large number of questions style, including likert or ranking or scaling

Easy export results to CSV / Excel for your custom needs

Create teams of field investigators and assign specific surveys on dedicated period

Access report and filter by investigators, teams, period or panel data

Datafield dalam 3 langkah mudah:

Buatlah formulir dan survei, ajukan data, gambar/foto lokasi, dan lainnya

Create forms and surveys 01

Field Agent menangkap inteligen dari jarak jauh dengan smartphone mereka

Collect data on your phone 02

Akses hasil secara realtime pada Datafield smart Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard 03
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