A few interesting statistics first. Did you know that 26% of people respond vaguely about an experience just after 1 hour ? And the 3 person out of 5 find web-based survey boring and irrelevant ? And that the majority of people do not dare to complain directly to a person about a low quality service ?

This is why Datafield is so relevant to collecting acurate customer feedback when it matters. Your prospects, customers and visitors respond on the spot about their experience with your brand, your staff and your product.

With Datafield, track customer satisfaction live and take action immediately if something wrong in your shop.

Display an iPad or Android tablet inside a kiosk and let customers provide you insight. See some customer satisfaction survey template here.

Datafield in 3 Simple Steps:

Create forms and surveys: request data, picts location and more

Create forms and surveys 01

Field agent capture intelligence remotely with their smartphone

Collect data on your phone 02

Access results in realtime on Datafield smart Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard 03
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