Mobile form builder for facility management

Keep track of your assets and access instant reporting of works performed by your team on the field. The mobile App for facility manager

Datafield applies to Security, Cleaning, Caretaking, Gardening, outdoor appliance or Maintenance operations. CMMS/EAM mobile solution for plants or facilities. Manage work orders, equipment, inventory, calibration and project management.

Automatize processed and bring paperless solution to your field agent daily work

Ensure inspection are done as schedule

Provide visual evidence to your customer that work has been done properly

Takes pictures with timestamp, GPS location and dedicated caption

Follow up with delays and compliance to your internal processes

Apply to your operations locally or globally

Datafield in 3 Simple Steps:

Create forms and surveys: request data, picts location and more

Create forms and surveys 01

Field agent capture intelligence remotely with their smartphone

Collect data on your phone 02

Access results in realtime on Datafield smart Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard 03
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