Automate paper based forms and kill data entry mistakes with Datafield

Use smartphone and tablet to manage your forms instead of pen and clipboard. Datafield mobile form builder is easy to use yet do not compromise with data security and available features. You can even collect data OFFLINE. 

Create simple or complex form easily with our smart form builder, including the most powerful conditional branching and skip logic feature on the market

Large number of questions style: Single, Multiple choice, likert, ranking, smiley, GPS position, Pictures, Signature, GPS position, email, verbatim and more…

Easy export results to CSV / Excel for your custom needs or save in the Cloud with our Box integration. We can also assist you with a custom integration using our API.

Create teams of field agent and mobile respondents and assign specific surveys on dedicated period

Use our smart dashboard to access reports and filter by mobile respondents, teams, period or collected data.

Datafield in 3 Simple Steps:

Create forms and surveys: request data, picts location and more

Create forms and surveys 01

Field agent capture intelligence remotely with their smartphone

Collect data on your phone 02

Access results in realtime on Datafield smart Dashboard

Real-time Dashboard 03
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